About us

Deborah is a Director of Psychological Edge, a registered psychologist with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Applied Psychology and is currently completing a Doctorate at the Australian National University. She is interested in how emotion and brain based behaviour impacts on performance. As such her Doctoral research is an investigation of Emotional Intelligence as a critical attribute in Australian Defence Force foreign military advisors in Afghanistan. Deborah is an experienced facilitator and executive coach with broad experience in developing leaders, enhancing team performance and promoting resilience. She has worked extensively with the military and regularly presents at international conferences on the methodological frameworks she draws upon. Deborah has received high level government recognition for providing specialist expertise in support of diplomatic engagement with regional nations and was recognised in both 2013 and 2014 for continued innovation in harnessing international capabilities to improve Defence support to military operations. Deborah’s interests are in developing individual’s self awareness of how emotion can be harnessed to optimise performance, and promote resilience. She is also researching how wearable sensors can provide biofeedback to enhance emotion regulation and hence facilitate attention and cognition.